Chapter I: Playground

Throughout its vivid color palette reminiscing of the Golden Age of arcades, Vaderetro, in this first chapter, takes a journey back in the late ‘80s / early ‘90s. The Playground capsule rethinks style through the prism of the subcultural movements amongst the youth of that epoch. From choosing which VHS to watch, to listening to rock music out loud, bedrooms filled up with posters, the collection translates this universe of effortlessness and nonchalance through its apparels. Vaderetro stops the clock in 1989 on the verge of a technological outbreak, exploring the frenzy of kids early breakfasts playing with magnets on the fridge while putting on school uniforms. Inspiration is drawn from the essence of 80s/90s reality simultaneously grasping elements from everyday life and alluding to what later became statements.