Chapter III: La Bonne Aventure

The new Vaderetro A/W 21 stems form the origin of the brand creation itself: the travel. The designers have travelled around the world, from United Kingdom to France, from Morocco to Chile, reaching a current location in Italy, longing for the next destination. The source of of the season is one of the most important minority groups in Europe namely: The Roma people. Chapter III named ” La Bonne Aventure” takes root in the French expression “Diseuse de Bonne Aventure”; in English: fortune-teller in reference to the mystic yet potent figure of the Roma women reading strangers’ future.

The designers gathered their own personal experience as citizens of the World with these mesmerising nomads and never-ending travellers in the hope to transmit a powerful message: Trust the path, chase freedom, carve your own destiny.

Vaderetro guidelines for this A/W Collection follows the Roma process to create their own culture: bringing toghether all the cultures of the countries they visit and taking from these cultures what suits the most to the ethnic group they belong to. The garments channel this fascinating miscellaneous of aesthetic, traditions juxtaposed with heritage to trascend fashion trends, to create an eternal style. From long skirts and dresses to structured blazers and gangster-loose pants layered with heavy knits, the overlay is key and builds further harmony to the full looks.

Photography: Carmine Romano.

Art Direction: Roberta Astarita