The Ethos behind Vaderetro

As a brand, the ethos of Vaderetro is to take stand against many of the appalling practices of the fashion industry. We speak out on issues we find important and try to help give voice to the people. We do this humbly but with a firm belief that a responsible brand is a healthy one.

Vaderetro’s steps to minimise the industry’s carbon footprint and to implement ethical practices is divided in three categories:

Our products

We design high quality products made for long-term usage with carefully considered materials and techniques. More than half of our collection is made out unique recycled and dead stock fabrics.

Our suppliers

Vaderetro values artisans over factories. As a result, many of our pieces including the blazers, knitwear but also T-shirts and hoodies are either hand-made or hand-finished. As a brand Made in Italy, we are committed to highlight local resources, traditions and craftsmanship. That is the reason why we apply the traditional Neapolitan tailoring to our statement suits. Vaderetro also cooperates with transparent and responsible sourcing partners to promote fair working conditions in our supply chain and to make sure that human dignity take precedence over the bottom line.

Our operations

Vaderetro considers the ethical and environmental impact of our operational activities very carefully. The starting point of our sustainability ambition is that we value quality over quantity. We produce less, but with an emphasis on a use of quality natural materials and fabrics (cotton, silk, linen). Last but not least, we exclude ourselves from fast-fashion that we believe to have a detrimental effect on the environment. As a consequence, we produce at slow pace, side-stepping the regular fashion calendar.