The Brand

A little anachronistic, a little old-fashioned, Vaderetro is both anti-modern and thoroughly retro-garde.* Vaderetro is not a brand; it is an art de vivre. We spread arts, cultures, and subcultures through our unique and diverse clothing style.

This is not fashion*. We refuse a temporary ideal, ephemeral fashion, choosing a pro-authenticity – anti-product ethos instead. Vaderetro transcends race, gender and age to transmit an effortless, genderless, headacheless vision of apparels.

As a time machine, we select, rediscover and rethink what once were wardrobes essentials. In that sense, we are neither old nor new. Instead, we create the new out of the old. We strongly believe that the past is the present’s future; creation always has an inspiration behind.

We are born and nurture ourselves from one precise emotion: nostalgia*. Every season we reborn from our own ashes into another zeitgeist.

Vaderetro, after all, is a kind of rebellion: a touch impertinent and a touch eccentric. We celebrate individuality and self-creation resisting a world of uniformity that comes with picking mass-produced garments off a rack. Vaderetro is the power of choosing to be you, accepting your uniqueness and acknowledging that you don’t need to be the whole to be part of the whole.

vaderetro glossary

*Anachronistic adjective
UK /əˌnæk.rəˈnɪs.tɪk/ US /əˌnæk.rəˈnɪs.tɪk/
1: existing out of its time in history

*Fashion noun
UK /ˈfæʃ.ən/ US  /ˈfæʃ.ən/
1: A style that is popular at a particular time
2: A practice or interest that is very popular for a short time

*Nostalgia noun
UK /nɒsˈtæl.dʒə/ US /nɑːˈstæl.dʒə/
1: A wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past
period or irrecoverable condition

*Zeitgeist noun
UK /ˈtsaɪt.ɡaɪst/ /ˈzaɪt.ɡaɪst/ US /ˈtsaɪt.ɡaɪst/ /ˈzaɪt.ɡaɪst/
1: The general set of ideas, beliefs, feelings, etc. that is typical of a particular
period in history

*Retrograde adjective
UK /ˈret.rə.ɡreɪd/ US /ˈret.rə.ɡreɪd/
1: Returning to older and worse conditions, methods, ideas, etc…

*Avant-garde adjective
UK /ˌæv.ɑ̃ːˈɡɑːd/ US /ˌæv.ɑ̃ːˈɡɑːrd/
1: Avant-garde ideas, styles, and methods are very original or modern in
comparison to the period in which they happen

*Retro-garde adjective
1: Returning to older ideas with original methods

*Genderless adjective
/ ˈjen-dər-ləs /
1: suitable to or for either sex
also : not reflective of the experiences, prejudices, or orientations of one
sex more than the other